Rows of Sunflowers

Last summer, I didn't even learn about our local sunflower field until it was too late. The flowers were already fading.

When we returned from our beach trip, we had one week left before the boys were starting back to school, and I knew taking them to these fields was top on my list! We got lucky and the sunflowers were planted quite a bit closer to where we live this year, which made it much easier to get there for a visit!

We left early in the morning to avoid the heat, but even then, it was stifling hot. We chugged a bunch of water and marched ourselves down to the fields. We all stood in awe of the rows and rows of golden blooms!

We didn't stay for very long because the heat was suffocating, but just long enough to really soak it all in. I knew that I was going to love the view, but I was pleasantly surprised that the kids enjoyed it just as much! The stalks were taller than they were, and the blooms smelled so lovely and sweet!

I'm so glad we made this a part of our summer bucket list this year!

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