Dear Owen,

Can you tell it's been a busy year!?

It's December, and I didn't want to let any more time pass before I wrote you your 7 year old birthday letter. Your birthday was way back in August!

Owen, you are the heart of our home. You are also the bringer of giggles and laughter. You are so tender and giving. It's easy for you to give something that you have to someone in need, and we get to witness this often as you share with your siblings. Your tender heart may seem like a weakness to the world, but to me, it is your greatest strength. To have feelings, and to really feel them, is something special that many try to suppress. I love your ability to sacrifice for the good of others. You will bring so much good into this world!

You are also the resident comedian in our home (you get it from your dad!). You have such a quick whit and an ability to cause us all to crack up with your jokes and silliness! Thank you for bringing so much laughter into our home!

Right now, at 7 years old, you love to wrestle, build Lego creations (my favorite ones are all the miniature things you make), and drawing race cars! You are so creative and artistic and I hope you'll decide to take some drawing classes soon! You are so smart, neat, tidy, and quick with your school work. You rarely ask me for help!

You have grown into such a big helper with your little sister, and I know you will be such a helpful and comforting companion to Lucy as I get busy with the new baby pretty soon.

For your birthday, we took a drawing that you created at school of your "ideal cake" and turned it into a reality. It was hilarious and crazy, and pretty yummy I think!?

Happy 7th birthday dear boy! We love having you bless our home!

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