Let's Talk Sleep! {Sleep Training 18 Months Later}

When Lucy was 10 months old, I was at my whits end! She STILL woke up once a night to nurse and be cuddled, and naps were always a little tricky. Having three great sleepers before her, I thought I was a pro, but she came and changed the whole game!

After 10 months of feeling like a zombie, I contacted the Pam Nease Sleep consultants. And in a short time, my sleep woes were finally over! Their methods and plan for Lucy really worked wonders, and our home was once again a restful place at night. I wrote all about our experience here on the blog last year, in this post.

It has now been about 18 months since that experience, and I wanted to do a little follow up!

I am not exaggerating when I say that Lucy went from the most erratic sleeper to the best sleeper in our family! Once we established our new routine with the sleep consultant, we have just continued to follow it, and it continues to work.

Our nap and night time routine with Lucy is so fun and lighthearted now. We go potty, bathe, read, and then giggle a whole lot before laying her down in her crib. She still takes wonderful naps, which were SO NEEDED with my current pregnancy, and will be such a blessing once we have a newborn around! And each morning, she is the last one awake, loving a good long sleep in! It is so fun to watch all three boys clamber to be the first one in to greet her each morning.

As I lay her down each night, she always gets the giggles, and we just laugh and laugh, even as I'm walking out her door. I love watching her on the video monitor snuggle with her favorite "pink baby" doll, sing her little heart out, and rub her finger on the corner of her silky blankie, soothing herself to sleep.

In less than a week, we will welcome our new baby girl into the home. I am so glad to have all of Lucy's sleep woes far away in the past as I get ready to be feeding a whole new baby each night!

I have been nesting like crazy, and finally got out all of our baby gear. Lucy, and even Milo, couldn't help but try out the moses basket that we will keep in our living room. They both looked ginormous in that basket, which made this photo seem like a lifetime ago!

We are getting so excited for the baby to get here, and I am excited to have so many great tips and tricks for getting a good night's sleep that I learned from Pam and her team!

They were, and still are, such a great resource for me and my family! We have recommended them so many times over the past year, and I know that if you are struggling with an inconsistent little sleeper, they can be a great help to you as well! You can find a link to their site on my sidebar, so when you're feeling desperate for sleep, it's there and ready for you!

Right now, they are hosting a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS giveaway, that you can enter and possibly win a FREE SLEEP CONSULTATION! So make sure to stop by their blog here, to see how to enter!


This post is sponsored by Pam Nease Sleep Consultants, but all opinions are 100% my own! If you can't tell already, we loved our experience and are so grateful for Pam's wonderful team!

If you're struggling with getting a good night's sleep from birth to age ten, you can find Pam at any of these locations:

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