Dear Lila Kaye,

Lila Kaye Haynie


8 lbs

Our Christmas season began with the birth of you, sweet Lila Bean. We scheduled your arrival because we had family coming to town, and we needed to make sure we had help with your brothers and sister. Your due date was December 26, and I was worried you would come on Christmas Day! That would've been a hard day to have a birthday, I think!

Your Aunt Cara came to watch the older kids, and the next morning we went to the hospital. I was already dilated 3 cm, and labor began progressing nicely. The nurse guessed that things would start moving quickly, as they did with Lucy, and I went ahead and got my epidural. We had the nicest older gentleman as our anesthesiologist, but it was one of the more painful epidurals I've ever had. Unfortunately, the epidural slowed down our progress, and I became pretty emotional and discouraged when the doctor came in and said I wasn't even in labor. Luckily, our nurse was encouraging and when I finally sat up, after laying down all morning, things started happening. And fast! A new doctor came in expecting me to be at 2 cm, and was shocked to find out that you were about to pop out! With only two pushes, you were here with us and I cried tears of joy!

You cried the entire first night of your life, but ever since then you have been the most calm, peaceful, and happy baby. We have loved getting to know your sweet spirit, and you complete our family!

I agonized over what your name should be. I wanted it to be just right. I wanted it to have meaning and for you to grow up feeling special. For the longest time I was set on you being named Ivy, but your dad just didn't feel like that was right. When we talked about the name Lila, we both felt like it was the right name for you! 

In some languages, Lila means "night." I loved that, because it reminds me of those special nights, before I was ever pregnant. I heard you whisper "mom" to me in the middle of the night. I sat up thinking it was your brother, but no one was ever there. Some probably think I'm a little bit kooky for thinking this, but I know it was you letting me know that you were coming soon. I am so glad you surprised us and came to join our family!

Every child in our family has a family name, and we were so happy to have your middle name be Kaye, after me and your Nana.

I hope these photos show you just how loved you are. You were the best Christmas present we could have ever received. We love you so much Lila Bean!

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