Our Only Snow

We don't get a lot of snow here in North Carolina, and this year we only got one good snowfall. I sometimes wish we lived in a place where it snowed often in the winter, but where the roads are cleared and the world keeps going. Around here, snow stops everything and I get a little stir crazy!

As I type this, it's already spring, I can see beautiful pink flowers blooming from my window, and I don't really mind that it only snowed once.

We made the most of our snow day, back in December, though and it's fun to look back on the photos. I remember sitting in the front room, 9 months pregnant, watching the kids playing together in the front yard. I commented to Curtis that it was such a perfect moment, enjoying the snow from the warm house while the kids laughed and played together outside.

It was our last snow in this home, and I'm so glad I snapped a few photos of us playing in front of the house. I will cherish these and the memories that go with them.


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