Dear Milo,

You are such a special little boy! You're six!!!

On your birthday, we celebrated with opening presents before school, and a surprise play date with your best friend after school. It was such a fun day for you, right up until you flew off your bike and landed on your elbow pretty hard! We thought it was broken, but luckily it was just a really bad bruise! You were in a lot of pain but were so brave through it all! You got to wear a sling on your arm and I think that was pretty exciting for you!

You are still the sweetest little guy who is always the first at my bedside each morning, and you never forget to give hugs! You started walking at just 9 months old, and you haven't stopped moving and running and wrestling ever since! You are doing so amazing in your karate classes, you love playing with your brothers, and you swim like a fish!

I am so grateful for your positive energy! You are always so happy and energetic and you are so easy to love.

Lila looks so much like you did as a baby and she seems to have a bit of your personality too, which I think is why you have such a sweet bond with her. You love to play with her and she loves it too!

Thank you for being such an amazing little boy! Happy birthday!

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