Precious Memories

It has been literal AGES since I wrote on this blog. This year, since the birth of Lila, has been such a whirlwind of wonderful and also hard moments. It has been difficult to get myself to sit down and upload photos, let alone put my scattered thoughts into words on this page.

We are now 7 months into the year and I'm feeling a *little* bit more myself and life is finally starting to settle down a little bit. The first couple months of winter were spent snuggling little Lila and with the boys in school, trying to make Lucy feel comfortable as a new big sister while figuring out newborn life all over again. Lila was such a sweet snuggly baby who slept on my chest every night for the first two months. It was glorious and I will cherish that feeling of her little body on mine forever. Lucy did such a great job adjusting to our new life. She regressed with her potty training, which was tough on us both, but otherwise she was such a champ.

Here are so many sweet photos of those first couple months with just the two little girls at home. The boys were also such a huge help during this time and I'm so grateful for that too!

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