Back to School & Other Late Summer Happenings

Lucy discovers playing dress up, the boys start a new school and quickly fit right in... a time of change and transition for our family. 

Ande began 5th grade, Owen 3nd, and Milo 1st. They started at a new school. I was so nervous for the transition, worried they would find it hard to fit in. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily they integrated. Kids make friends so easily and I sometimes envy that quality in them! What a blessing to make quick friends in a new place.

As the boys went back to school, the girls and I settled into a new routine at home. 


And finally, after so much anticipation, Lucy started preschool! This girl was made for school. She is the most social person I've ever met. She thrives on connection with others. Her first couple weeks were a little more rocky than I thought they'd be, though. She seemed to like it pretty well, but started having potty accidents. Thankfully, after time and routine, she got back to normal and is now really loving preschool. She would prefer every day to be preschool day!

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