Beach Trip 2019!

This is the week I look forward to all year long. The best week. It's beach week. I've said it a million times, but the beach is my happy place. It brings me so much peace, it brings endless amounts of fun for the kids, and it's absolutely beautiful. This year, I was still a bit sleep deprived from Lila, but we still managed to have a fun, memorable week. We got lucky with amazing weather, and enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets. My cousin, Ashlyn, was able to fly out to join us from Arizona, and we loved having her joyful company! This year's fun included Curtis taking kids for rides on the canoe, which they managed to crash quite a few times! Lucy fell out of the canoe at one point, it bonked her in the head, and she was afraid of the ocean every day after that! She satisfied herself with a lot of shell searching, and she even found a "magic shell" that would grant her wishes. Lila loved all of the attention she got, and dipping her toes in the sand and water. And a boat trip to the lighthouse was a favorite outing!

The beach is one of my favorite places to practice my photography. The colors of the ocean and sky are just perfection! Here are some of my favorites from the trip:

Every year, I force my family to get a good family picture at the beach, because there is no better setting! My sister and I tag team taking the photos and I absolutely love how they turned out this time!

 Until next year beautiful sea...

...My beach posts from year's past...

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