Dear Lucy,

Oh Lucy. What a special girl you are. I can't believe you are three now!

You had such a wonderful birthday. It's pretty easy to make you happy, but we had fun making it extra special nonetheless! You started the day opening presents like a chelsea barbie doll, an ariel lego set, a puzzle, and a hello kitty (which you had been asking for!). Then, you got to go pet some bunnies and goats on a farm! Around lunchtime, lots of family came and enjoyed a fun day at the pool followed by delicious ice cream cones and sprinkles! We finished off the day with more swimming. With a summer birthday, you may end up with many many pool birthday parties! But I don't think you'll mind!

Lucy Grace, I love you so much. I always tell you that you are my little sunshine because of your yellow hair and big bright smile. You have an ability to make people so happy. You are passionate and compassionate. When anyone is sad, you area always there to hug them and try to make them laugh. I love your little curls, they fit your spunky personality so well. You have the biggest imagination and can turn anything into a toy. You love anything Frozen, riding your pink scooter, your little mouse dolls, wearing jewelry, putting on my makeup, watching True's Wonderful Wishes, pink baby and ALL your blankies. Your soul is filled with music! You are always singing, and I am so excited to get you started in piano lessons one day!

I love that you know who you are, and you aren't afraid to be that 100% of the time. You have so much personality, love, and kindness in such a little body. I love who you are growing up to be (although a little sad about how fast you're doing it!). 

Happy Birthday, my little Goose! Three is going to be great!

Here are some funny things you have said recently:

Mom: Lucy why do you always smell good? What is that smell?
You: Boogers!

Lucy: When we got to the beach, Lila will not like the sun! She will cry!
Mom: I will get an umbrella to keep her in the shade!
Lucy: No, I will ask the sun to move, then she will not cry!

Lucy: Don't follow the creepy light, it's creepy for a REASON!

Lucy: Mom, what is daddy your?
(husband? brother? cousin?)

Lucy: Poopcard means forehead!

Lucy: It's a babe that can sing, and also it's a bub!

Lucy: I tried to pick little small things out of my nostrils.
Mom: What do you do with them?
Lucy: Eat them.

At the airport:
Lucy: Wow that's really big! But I am just NOT in the mood!
           That's really pretty! That's prettier than pretty!

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