Dear Owen,

You had been asking to go gem stone mining for years! We got lucky and found the perfect mining place in the next town over, and it made the perfect birthday activity! 

Owen, you are one special boy! You have been growing up right before my eyes, yet I still see you as the cherubic looking, chubby cheeked, baby boy with the cutest lisp. Now, you are looking so grown up, and have lost those sweet baby features, but you're still the same sweet boy. You have such a giving heart, and are always willing to share or help take care of your sisters. I can always count on you to love on Lila and play with her. 

You are still our little comedian, with really witty and funny things to keep us laughing. At school, I think you are a little more reserved and quiet, but as your teachers tell me, you're always surrounded by friends. Your classmates look up to you as you are happy, helpful, kind, and smart. You don't show it off, but I see how intelligent and smart you are. 

I find that you are so similar to your dad in many ways. Of all your siblings, you look the  most like him. You also have the big heart, calming presence, and big smile that he has. You are also modest and kind, just like Daddy.

For your birthday, you got a new suit and set of scriptures, a lego set (of course), a remote control helicopter, and some other fun Harry Potter related things.

As has become our tradition on your birthday, you designed your dream cake for me to make. This is such a fun thing and the cakes always turn out crazy, and colorful, and full of sugar!!!

One thing that made this birthday extra special, was your ability and choice to get baptized. You have a strong faith and desire to choose the right, and I am so proud of you for the way you live each day. We were so proud that you made this decision, and excited for you to continue learning and growing your faith!

Owen, I want you to know that we love you so much! You are amazing, and special, and this year will be one to remember! Happy Birthday!

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