Family Pictures and Thanksgiving

It's never easy to get the whole family excited about taking family pictures! It adds a whole new layer of difficulty when you decide to take the pictures on your own, with a tripod and self timer!

This year's family picture saga ended up taking two separate days of trying to get the right shots! The first day we went out to a really beautiful farm to take our pictures. The sun was a little too bright, and Lucy was absolutely losing it. She refused to stand up on her own and begged to be held. She ended up crying in ever single shot we took. It turned out that she actually had a fever, and just wasn't feeling well.

So, determined as I am, I made the family get dressed up all over again on another day to try again for family photos! Luckily, things worked out better the second time around. We decided that sitting down photos might be easier with the whole not wanting to stand situation. It definitely helped. The pictures worked out and we had some cute photos to put on Christmas cards!

Around the same time that we took our family photos, was Thanksgiving. Another great holiday with no pressure of gift giving and secret keeping! 

When we aren't travelling for Thanksgiving, one of our favorite traditions is to eat Thanksgiving lunch at the Raleigh City Club restaurant, where my dad is a member. It is situated at the top of a tall building in downtown Raleigh, where the windows have some amazing views of the city below.

As usual, Lila was our best eater that day, scarfing down her meal and scavenging everyone else's plates as well!

As we walked out to the city streets after lunch, the wind began to blow and swirled the huge pile of leaves like a tornado! It was so fun to be in the middle of it, the kids were squealing with delight!

Overall, it was a great meal, and a relaxing day, as Thanksgiving should be!

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