Road trip to Missouri!

In October, we had the opportunity to go on a really special trip. We packed the van and drove 17 hours over two days to Missouri. We saw the giant arch in St. Louis on our way, and eventually made it to a very small town, in the gorgeous countryside called Adam Ondi Ahman. This is where Curtis' parents are serving a mission for our church. This is a place where pioneers gathered for a time as they made their way west towards Utah. There is so much history there. As missionaries, Lito and Lita serve by maintaining acres and acres of beautiful land.

Their home is nestled next to a cow farm, and after such a long drive, it was wonderful for the kids to have a place to run free and explore the farm and the yard. We spent our time feeding cows, wandering into the cow pastures, almost getting stampeded by the cows (yikes), eating yummy Grandma food, visiting the small towns, and even going to an Amish quilt auction. The kid's cousins also came to visit while we were there, and there were so many good memories made with family. The boy's favorite part (Curtis included) was getting to ride and DRIVE all of the tractors, diggers, and mowers!

Lito and Lita also took us on a tour of Adam Ondi Ahman and we felt such a strong spirit there, learning from Curtis' dad about the land and history. 

Below are some of the pictures I took of our time there, documenting memories, and finding beauty in all the little details of their farm.

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