Dear Milo, (Milo is 7!)

Milo, you are the kind of kid that is so fun to celebrate! You are such an easy going boy, who is easy to please. We could have given you anything, or very little at all, and you still would have been so excited for your birthday. You tackled me several times throughout the day to say thank you.

We always start birthdays with presents and balloons filling the living room. Then we went to the trampoline park because you are our little monkey and love to jump and climb! We finished off the day with Freddy’s ice cream and a big chunk of cash from your grandparents!

You continue to love karate, especially the bo staff, where you get to really feel like a ninja/Jedi knight. It is so fun to watch you learn the forms and be steady in your progress. You love Pokémon, nerf battles, and chasing your sisters around the house (they love it too!).

You continue to be just as sweet and spunky as the tiny baby I love to reminisce about. It’s bitter sweet to see you grow so big, but a joy to be your mom with each and every year.

Happy birthday to our kind and sweet little monkey!


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