Dear Ande...

My lego loving boy is 11! Your birthday came right in the beginning of a global pandemic, and you accepted the fact that things would be a little different with so much grace. We weren't able to go to any fun places, or have a party with friends, but we still had a wonderful day celebrating you!

We went for a family bike ride and got milkshakes after, even though it was freezing cold outside! We had tacos for dinner, which is becoming a tradition on your special day, and a yummy cake afterwards! It was a simple day, but I think you still felt special.

You still love building with legos, although you spend most of your time running around the neighborhood with your gang of friends. You are such a natural leader and a great friend. You have a way of gathering people together and making everyone feel included. 

You enjoy star wars, and learning all about that universe and the types of ships and guns. You are curious and helpful. You are so mature for your age, and you recently started babysitting your siblings for us. It is such a huge milestone for us as parents!

Thank you for all you do, for your hard work in school, for your willingness to help around the house, and your curiosity that keeps us thinking!

Happiest of birthdays! We love you!


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