Dear Lucy...


Oh my little Lucy! You turned 4 this summer!

You are a little slice of sunshine. Even your hair glows bright yellow! When you are happy, everyone around you is happy too. You light up the world with your high energy and zest for life. You have the biggest personality of anyone I know. You have such big emotions, but also an emotional intelligence far beyond your years. You are so good at noticing how other people are feeling and wanting them to be happy!

For your birthday, we celebrated with a pool full of water beads, neighbors, and some pink popsicles and cupcakes! It is really easy to please you, and so this day was so fun with you!

Right now, you are loving preschool! You are VERY social, and thrive on connecting with people, so preschool is a place where you just shine. You are such a good friend, and so good at making friends! You love to play with your friends across the street, and ask to play with them every single day. Without Fail! You love playing with horses, coloring and drawing unicorns, playing with your dollhouse, and your chelsea dolls. You can pretty much play with anything, having such a big imagination! You love to pretend you are a cat or a cheetah! You are getting really good at your balance bike, and this summer you got so comfortable in the water! You love to jump into the pool, and swim all around! You love anything pink, girly, princess, and animal! You may just turn out to be a zoologist or marine biologist one day!

We just love you so much, your big bear hugs, your beautiful singing, your cute lisp, and your happy, rosy cheeked smile!

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