Haynie Reunion (Utah & Idaho)

In July, we packed up and flew (masks and all), to Utah and Idaho for a couple weeks. It was strange flying during the corona virus era, but the plane's were quite empty and we felt very safe. We got to visit Curtis'  side of the family, which was much needed since we only get to see them once a year!

This trip taught me a couple things. First, that our earth is so magnificent and beautiful. I got to see the amazing mountain wildflowers in their peak, and I just loved it so much. I felt like Heidi, and wanted to prance through the fields of flowers and pretend I was on a mountain in Europe somewhere. We also got to visit the Teton mountains and see the magnificent lakes and views. I learned that family is so important and we're lucky to have such a big one! 

And lastly, we all learned that we can do really hard things. One of the days, the older kids and grown ups went to hike up a mountain. We had no idea going in how hard this hike would be! We started in the morning, and didn't finish until around 7 pm. The boys were with us, and we all felt like this was the hardest thing we had ever done! It was straight up, a rocky, slippery path. It took every bit of strength we had to keep going up, even though our legs were so tired and our lungs struggled for air. At one point, we emerged from the forest and thought we were getting close to the top (we weren't). We came out into these wide open fields of wildflowers with a little foot bath winding it's way through. I was exhausted by this point, and a little distraught at how long it was taking, but this view stopped us in our tracks with it's beauty! We crossed little streams of melted snow, and finally saw the top of the mountain in the distance. The hike continued to get harder the higher we went, and at times we didn't think our legs could take one more step. Amazingly, we eventually reached the top. Owen was the first to get there, several hours before our group, and Ande soon after him. Milo, Curtis, and I reached the top in the last group. Once at the top, I was overwhelmed with pride for my boys and their strength. I was so amazed that they did something so hard. By the time we reached the top, we really were just eager to get back down to food and our girls. We had also run out of water at this point. We all got really bad headaches from the altitude, but we thought the way back down would be so much faster and easier. It did turn out to be faster, but it was still so difficult in new ways! The steep sloping pathway was rife with rocks, gravel, dirt, and roots. Every step we took sent us slipping and sliding. We scraped our knees, elbows, wrists, and I ended up losing four toenails from the constant downhill steps pressing my toes against my shoes. On the way down, Curtis kept telling us that we would feel so proud of ourselves, and that we'd look back on that day with a little humor instead of tears. At the time we thought he was crazy, and we all were frustrated, crying, and grumbling. Now that it has been a few months, it's so true. We look back on that day with pride. We know now that we are capable of so much more than we think! What an experience!


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