It's hard to even believe that this is really happening. A global pandemic. The world is completely shut down. It's the kind of thing that you only see in movies, but this time it's real life. Sometime in March, with our kid's first trip to Disney World only two weeks away, the Corona Virus became a national emergency and our normal lives got put on hold. At first, we thought it would only last a couple weeks. If we stayed inside and shut down the world for two weeks, we could all emerge from our homes healthy and head off to Disney as planned.

That didn't happen. This thing is not going away anytime soon. Our schedules remained on hold, stores were closing, restaurants only doing take-out, masks have to be worn in public, and school became virtual. It turns out we needed to figure out how to live life in a new way.

As a family, we began working out a new way of life. A new schedule. We were now home, all together, all the time. Lucky for us, the weather this spring was absolutely amazing. Warm and sunny. The kids are amazing at being creative and imaginative, playing outside, playing in backyard pools, building with legos and clay. It actually hasn't been that difficult to keep them occupied, and we've grown to appreciate the quality time as a gift.

These pictures are some memories of this spring, and even though our world was turned upside down, they seem surprisingly happy and joyful. Like a rainbow after a rainstorm.

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