Dear Owen,


It seems like you’ve already been nine for a while! Having a summer birthday is so fun, even in quarantine, because we just spent the day poolside! Your neighborhood gang joined us for fun and games at the pool, where our huge float is always big hit! You kids could play on that thing all day long.

I’m trying to remember what you got for your birthday, but can’t think... I think that’s because you don’t seem to focus on that aspect of birthdays as much, but are always excited and happy with what you get.

This year, you’ve gotten really into drawing and are so talented with it! I love seeing what you come up with, whether it’s a dragon, or a weapon, or a landscape. A couple years ago you came up with a little comic that you call, “Dirt Service” about different trucks, and those drawings are so cute and fun! You also love anything Mandalorian, and Harry Potter, and I can often find you making something with Legos. Lately, you’re into fun airplanes and Star Wars type ships! If you’re not in your room building something, you’re either playing with Lila or out in the neighborhood with your gang of buddies. You are such a good friend. You almost always go shirtless around the house, and you were such a fish this summer! You never tire of swimming, and are so good at it!

You have always had such a kind, giving heart. Last week when in the car, I let you turn on a movie. Instead of picking something you wanted, you picked one that the little girls wanted. I thought that was so selfless and sweet. That is just one small example  from so many that occur all the time! You are also so fun and helpful with your sisters. They love playing with you because you always come up with a fun game, or help them make cool forts!

Thank you for being you! We love you and are so happy to have such an awesome NINE year old in our family!

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